First Calendar for 2016

I just completed my first calender. It holds Macro shots I took and I named it Quiet because I found the images calming with their focus on the little things we so easily miss in our daily activities and stressful timetables.

ich habe ihn fertig, meinen ersten Kalender für das Jahr 2016. Ich habe ihn “Quiet”, also ruhig, genannt, weil ich die Fotos so entschleunigend finde und damit eben sehr beruhigend.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-23 um 15.19.38
Quiet – Macro Photography

For now it’s available via Deviant Art, but I’m not done yet, so it might very likely be uploaded somewhere else.

As always you can come back to this page to find regular updates as to where to shop my products.

I hope you enjoy!


Fürs erste gibts ihn via Deviant Art, die ja aber auch weltweit günstig verschicken. Ich schau aber, wo ich ihn noch hochladen kann. Schaut doch einfach ab und an wieder rein, oder auf dieser Seite im Blog, da werden alle Kalender geupdated. Ich hoffe der Kalender gefällt euch.


delicate and abstract

This is why I love my Macro lens. You take something quite common. A flower. And you get really close. Turn it black and white, et voilà, something interesting and unusual happens. I’ll have some colorful versions coming up for you the next days.


You can buy prints, toe bags, wall clocks and more at my society 6 account.

retail therapy



Blouse via Sheinside. Jeans by Zara but sadly one size too small. *sigh* But who needs air?



Dress: Closet. Shoes: Zara




Camisole and skirt both H&M.



Top: H&M. Jeans: Esprit (bit too big but I might grow into it *hopes*)


Work has been demanding. Apart from working, I sit at home writing hopefully on. Finished one first draft, editing an older one now. Hopefully finishing one day. So…retail therapy was needed.


Hello everyone,

I have dropped off the surface of the Earth, struggled to write, handed in a submission (I never told this to anyone before, so shh, it’s a secret) and have sent my Horizon for repairs.

I thought I’d also share some stuff I made over the course of the next weeks, so, sorry for spamming, but here it goes:

I once upon a time, made journals. I love journals and notebooks of any kind. So I made them. And you can find them here:

Artist promotion: save money today

Bildschirmfoto 2013-11-04 um 09.47.19

I quote:

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So here is the link to get the goodies.



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