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On plans and them not working out

I had planned to travel to Paris in January. I have booked a hotel. I have selected which films to take. I have bought my ticket for the Louvre. I have waited somewhat patiently for the TGV tickets to be available. I opened the homepage for the TGV and the German Rail on the day the tickets would be out for sale, early in the morning. And failed to buy any because none were left. Or rather, I could have gotten some tickets, only I’d have arrived in Paris in the evening and traveled back home in the morning. Obviously I desired the schedule to be the other way around.

So this leaves me with the option of going there by car which doesn’t really appeal to me (4 hours drive in bad weather conditions plus driving in Paris…nope, thanks). I was not happy about that. Thank God I can cancel the hotel and my Louvre ticket is valid until June but I really, really wanted to take photos of Paris in snow and with Christmas decoration.

So my vacation for this year will be held when I travel to a friend’s wedding. I’ll be the photographer but also guest and will stay for two more days. And I’m determined to have fun!

But I’m still pissed off at Paris. And the other people who bought my tickets. And the railway companies. And stuff.

Travel plans and I rarely work out together.