Calendar 2018

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Anybody want a Calendar for 2018? Maybe as a Christmas gift for someone? You can buy it via redbubble.


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orange dream

Last light

green acorn macro

wildflowers - Explore 9/7/16


The Cullin Hills, from Glen Brittle, Isle of Skye

in the vastness of space and the immensity of time

pink raindrops........

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bluebells shot a month or two back
Movements II

Autumn strokes and warm colors - ODC

Érable ornemental

tilcara, argentina

Dream of bokehlicious Light - Explore # 1

Allen's Hummingbird and Cherry Blossom

Glückspilz :-)<

Little Big World<

Fliegenpilz (Amanita muscaria)

Faucon pèlerin / Peregrine Falcon / Falco peregrinus

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flower power

flower power
flower power<

Have one of Leeloo too


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Trout Lilies by Magda  Bognar on

Moonlight night by Sergey Polyushko on

12 Apostels,Australia by Awen Xu on

Indian summer with Robin by Teuni Stevense on

the waiting game by David Mar Quinto on

Caught Out.. by Owen G on

Darter closeup by Erik Veldkamp on

Drinking by Vincentius Ferdinand on

In the water by Stefano Ronchi on

WTF?!?! by Alex  Thomson on

even pigeons feel it // paris by Pamela Ross on

*** by raquel chicheri on

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Black and white flower by Jennifer Renner on

Black and white flower by Jennifer Renner on

Black and white flower by Jennifer Renner on

reach by Jennifer Renner on

leap by Jennifer Renner on

Question: Would you like a calendar and if so, any preferred format/retailer?

500 px faves

Black & Whale by Gaby Barathieu on

Green turtle by Gaby Barathieu on

Sunrise with butterfly by Tiziano Pieroni on

African icon by Matt Engelmann on

Autumn light by Katarzyna Soluch on

Not here yesterday by Andre Villeneuve on

Last Hummer of Summer by Chris Petersen on

Golden Seeds by Joni Niemelä on

Celestial Flow by Joni Niemelä on

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