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flower power

flower power
flower power<

Have one of Leeloo too



Happy New Year


Leeloo is looking outside.  Today it has snowed. Not much, and it has already thawed again, but I loved it.

I am delurking to wish you all a (belated) Happy New Year. If Dec 31st wasn’t my Mom’s birthday I would hide away in the deepest hole I could find. It is just too noisy for me (also the cats are too freaked out by everything for my liking). But yesterday I loved. I think Jan 1rst must be the most silent day of the year.

Anyway. I hope you had a good start into 2017. I hope the year will leave us some people to admire (Carrie Fisher’s passing has left me saddened. I wasn’t expecting it and I now dread EpVIII), I hope we all get to experience wonderful things that make us smile. I am looking forward to it. I have lots of plans, gave myself a photography project I have no clue how to actually do (I’m good at setting realistic goals…not) and am determined to publish one of the novels I’ve written.

I will also bike to work more often, do Yoga frequently and hope to travel more. The usual.
I started a bullet journal, which doesn’t look anything as pretty as those on the internet but I enjoy the process. I have also started the Morning Pages, which I’m not sure about…I wake up usually calm with a clear sense of purpose. Falling asleep is trickier. But I will give it a try for one notebook.

Look, that was an actual life update. I will try to do those more often, as well. Thank you for reading. Talk to you soon!

random cat posts are okay, right?






…or not

Guess who’s not on vacation? Yours truly, because who hurt her foot while grocery shopping? Yours truly. I didn’t even do anything. Just came home and couldn’t walk. So horseback riding is out of the question and I’m depressed.

So…I played a bit with the new remote control I bought for my Canon (after I dropped the Macro lens yesterday on the stone floor and now it won’t screw onto the body properly). It’s just not my month.

Are you ready?

Here we go:

No I’m not depressed I can’t go on my vacation and that I dropped my Macro lens why do you ask


*alert and yet slightly suspicious this remote control session will produce results*


who’re you looking at?


*exhausted but tries to look happy anyway because the linen top is so my color*


*smiles* *wrinkles* *remembers she’s past her twenties since a couple of years* *gets up to grab chocolate*


me: now Leeloo, I just have to press the button leeloo: omg me: now why doesn’t the stupid thing *snap*



me: *tries to hold 5 kg cat and look totally relaxed while trying to be actually visible behind big cat* wesley: omg wtf *snap*


I’m done. Hopefully I’ll be able to walk enough to go on a photo walk or two.


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Ohne Titel



Ohne Titel

Behind Blue Eyes.. [EXPLORE! #8 !!!!! thank youu!]


Olhos de universo.

Atlas the Explorer


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I love making calendars. I will make new ones this year, I am already sorting through images, grouping them together, having a hard time deciding which to dismiss and which to take. So until I’m done, here are the first calendars I made. They are still viable and will be updated each year so that you may still buy them if you wish to. I have also an account over at Lulu’s but I have yet to locate my password to log in. Passwords drive me nuts.

The calendars are available worldwide.


Ich liebe es ja, Kalender zu erstellen. Also sitze ich wieder einmal, wie jedes Jahr, vor einem Haufen Fotos und versuche Herrin der Lage zu werden und verzweifle ein wenig an der Auswahl. Bis ich mich also zu einer Selektion durchgerungen habe, hier einmal die Erstlingswerke. Sie sind alle noch gültig, auch wenn ein altes Datum im Titel steht. Ich habe auch noch einen Lulu-Account, aber fragt mich nicht wo das Passwort ist. Ich bin noch auf der Suche.

Alle Kalender werden weltweit verschickt.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-21 um 16.27.32
Cats and Dogs



Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-21 um 16.27.40

Nature Calendar



Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-21 um 16.27.47

My first Nature Calendar



Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-21 um 16.27.55

Nature Calendar III



Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-21 um 16.28.02

Nature Calendar IV

Theme: Cats

Ohne Titel


me parecio ver un lindo gatito

Want to play outside...


Red cat 22


любииимый нос

Ohne Titel

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