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Mystic Morning

// the station agent // 16:9


Somewhere In Cyclades

// playing it cool || The TFH Vault™ //

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theme: landscape


Beglika Lake

Divine Sunbeams

IMG_1057_mentari terbenam di teluk gong

Fluss im Nebel

tank cars

Sunrise at Valkmusa

Val d`Orcia

Luce ed albero

Magical Sunrise

Sunny Lavender

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Good morning Sunday!

Good Morning Holland

Sunrise over Monument Valley

The Other Side of the Canyon

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Theme: landscape

Mono Lake Sunrise



Sanctuary [16:9]

Mystic Beach


Fresh [16:9]

Mirk Side and Andrewhinney Hill (677m)

Glen Etive

Avdalsfossen (170 m)

A day trip through Utah/Wyoming.

Rhodopean Autumn

Begliktash - Bulgarian Stonehenge

theme: landscape

Ohne Titel

Fredvang, from Mount. Nubben

Morning has Broken

Lauragais (Explored)

Primi raggi

Panther's Roar

First light hitting the Valley

Last Light on the Badlands



misty morning

Theme: Landscape

In my flickr faves, I found a million of landscape photographs. This is because I love nature and I wish I had the time and money to go traveling the world to explore nature all over the planet. In light of not having an abundance of both, I turn to photographs. And this month, I invite you on a virtual trip around the world with me.

Lag la Cauma Fog



Lago Maggiore and some birds


Layers of Zhejiang (China)

golden hour

青山 Colors of Mountains


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From Above

follow me to a place we can be

First Calendar for 2016

I just completed my first calender. It holds Macro shots I took and I named it Quiet because I found the images calming with their focus on the little things we so easily miss in our daily activities and stressful timetables.

ich habe ihn fertig, meinen ersten Kalender für das Jahr 2016. Ich habe ihn “Quiet”, also ruhig, genannt, weil ich die Fotos so entschleunigend finde und damit eben sehr beruhigend.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-23 um 15.19.38
Quiet – Macro Photography

For now it’s available via Deviant Art, but I’m not done yet, so it might very likely be uploaded somewhere else.

As always you can come back to this page to find regular updates as to where to shop my products.

I hope you enjoy!


Fürs erste gibts ihn via Deviant Art, die ja aber auch weltweit günstig verschicken. Ich schau aber, wo ich ihn noch hochladen kann. Schaut doch einfach ab und an wieder rein, oder auf dieser Seite im Blog, da werden alle Kalender geupdated. Ich hoffe der Kalender gefällt euch.

it’s a jungle out there

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