it’s all fun at the beginning…

…until you discover that huge ants are crawling all over you. But this shot alone was worth losing my lenscap and injuring my finger:

little ant

little ant

little ant

I couldn’t decide on a color scheme with these. And it is mighty difficult to keep them in focus. They are fast. And their beig brotehrs and sisters even faster. And clingy. *still itches*

This is my finger btw…


Oh, I didn’t see you there…

I am currently in Macro-Mode (it helps to distract me from moving…I have spent the last week constructing IKEA furniture. You don’t even want to know how bruised I am.) Often, I think: Oh, nice flower, let’s get a shot and only afterwards, do I spot the inhabitants of said flower. Or object.

An example: On first glance, I saw this.


On second, this:

Sometimes, it’s not so pleasant as a drinking ant. I don’t think that this little bee was alive as I snapped that shot.

This flower appealed to me because of its structure. Tiny ant was crawling up and disappeared too quickly for me to focus on it properly.

And this spider I didn’t see, because the flowers were tiny to begin with. The spider was the size of the pin of a needle. At most. Or otherwise I wouldn’t have gone close to it.

I must watch A Bug’s Life again. 🙂

More of my photographs as always via 500 px, where you can download things. Or via flickr.


Delicate by Jennifer Renner on

Delicate by
Jennifer Renner