…or not

Guess who’s not on vacation? Yours truly, because who hurt her foot while grocery shopping? Yours truly. I didn’t even do anything. Just came home and couldn’t walk. So horseback riding is out of the question and I’m depressed.

So…I played a bit with the new remote control I bought for my Canon (after I dropped the Macro lens yesterday on the stone floor and now it won’t screw onto the body properly). It’s just not my month.

Are you ready?

Here we go:

No I’m not depressed I can’t go on my vacation and that I dropped my Macro lens why do you ask


*alert and yet slightly suspicious this remote control session will produce results*


who’re you looking at?


*exhausted but tries to look happy anyway because the linen top is so my color*


*smiles* *wrinkles* *remembers she’s past her twenties since a couple of years* *gets up to grab chocolate*


me: now Leeloo, I just have to press the button leeloo: omg me: now why doesn’t the stupid thing *snap*



me: *tries to hold 5 kg cat and look totally relaxed while trying to be actually visible behind big cat* wesley: omg wtf *snap*


I’m done. Hopefully I’ll be able to walk enough to go on a photo walk or two.



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