a little something on my novel before running off to The Hobbit 2

I am probably changing my female antagonist to a male antagonist. This came to me over breakfast while I was drinking vanilla flavored black tea (which isn’t as disgusting as it sounds).

My female protagonist is 12 years old and she is being bullied at school (amongst other things). Things happen. And her life is being threatened and she almost dies. And over breakfast it just made sense, I can’t tell you why, that it could be a boy her age, threatening her. Not because I think boys are naturally evil, it’s more complex than that in the story (but telling you why would spoil you…or is it spoiler you?). Anyway. This means LOTS of re-writing, but I’ll give it a go.

I’ve also combed my way through recommended agencies and have compiled a list which I’ll have to structure. I’m nervous. But it’s fine. First the re-write. Then deciding which version works better. Then writing the query letter etc. And then I’ll be a nervous wreck for weeks and probably a puddle of tears after being rejected by everyone but at least I tried. 🙂

Also, the new idea for the new novel is still in my head and refusing to leave. I shall begin it after the re-write and after Paris.


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