Wedding Trip



Last weekend a friend and I went to a mutual friend’s wedding, about 1h45 mins away from here. I was also the assigned photographer, which honors me a lot.

A lot of things went wrong. Chaos reigned. Murphy’s Law had a field day. There were street musicians who appeared out of nowhere and tried to make the whole street sing along, causing hysterical laughing attacks from us tourists (Klaus, I’m looking at you).

My hotel-room was switched, because the hotel failed to book a single for my friend so she got mine (which overlooked a public terrace) and I was moved into a double (which was facing a mountain side and made the room perpetually dark). It rained. The wedding time-table was a bit off.

But we managed to shoot some wonderful photos during the blue hour, while it didn’t rain. The celebration was a lot of fun. We laughed a lot (and I realised that I can actually cope well with plans that blow up in the face of reality).

I shot some film photos, too and once I get them developed I’ll show them, but I first have to scan in 5 more films that are towering on my scanner.

But life gets in the way. I have yet to watch Thor 2, edit the novel for a 4th time and oh, yes, work. And Christmas is also looming in the near future.

I hope I’ll get around to it sooner rather than later. But for now, I have one thing planned: food.

Talk to you soon!


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