I love heels. The higher the better. And I love the fact that platforms are back. I aim to buy some like the ones above (anyone wanna book me for a shoot? *g*).

I first bought these though:

They sadly don’t fit so I have to send them back.

And out of nostalgia a comparison of platforms back and today. Back means around 1995. I kept them out of.. uhm.. nostalgia.

 I wore the shoes above. I did. And I was so happy I bought them. On top they are probably the most comfortable shoes ever.

On the left my favorite shoes as I was 16 I think. You can see they have seen better days. And on the right to compare my current favorite shoes. It all comes back in fashion. My mom wore the most awesome platforms in her day (I want her clothes dammit) and then I did as a teenager (well maybe not awesome but still) and now here they are again.. just minus the boot-cut jeans (good I miss those).

Anyway. Soon a new post with the shoes I swapped for the ones I had to send back. Hopefully they’ll fit.


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