>Inspire me…


Jeff Bridges.

Not just the coolest dude on Earth and one of the best actors we currently have. But also a generally great artist and photographer. Don’t believe me? Head over to his homepage and look around. The homepage alone is worth a look. (too lazy to browse? Just look here for the design, here for the adorableness, and enjoy the True Grit photos).

Also, he is in some of the coolest movies. He is the Dude fcol and now, stop reading my blogpost and have some fun over on his site. 🙂


4 thoughts on “>Inspire me…

  1. >My observation in relation to Jeff Bridges might surprise you 🙂 I agree with what you say but there's something more I find about the man. His voice. American accents are so varied and some not so easy to either understand or tolerate. He has the most incredibly soothing, easy to listen to voice! Yes there's an American accent there but I couldn't tell from where. But for me if everyone in the USA had that accent it would be sublime!


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