>Richard Castle: Naked Heat

>Naked Heat (Nikki Heat #2)Naked Heat by Richard Castle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Premise: Richard Castle lives in my reality.
-> The second installment of the series, featuring Nikki Heat, a homicide detective, and Jameson Rook, journalist, as the main characters, shows that Castle managed to get to know his characters more. Not just is the story more complex, involving several suspects and murders, but the characters also feel more rounded and human. I enjoyed Naked Heat more than his predecessor and am looking forward to the next chapter Heat Rises. Castle must have done his research.

You can clearly see how the fictional Richard Castle is writing fanfiction about himself and Beckett, drawing from those murder cases he investigated with her. Also that duck-tape scene with Alexis made an appearance in the novel. I love how consistent it is and how it really ties in with the series. I can also imagine that Beckett might be weirded out a bit at the end bit and how domestic Rook/Heat get, being hers and Castles alter egos basically. I am however hoping very much that she rather gets to see it as what it is (namely him being in love with her). Anyway.

Also, any book referring to Firefly makes me happy. And the story did grab me and entertained me a lot more than the first one.

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