>Richard Castle: Heat Wave

>Heat WaveHeat Wave by Richard Castle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

okay, trying to voice what I thought and how I approached it.

First off: brilliant marketing idea.

Second: I love the meta layer of a fictional character publishing a book (in my reality) which is inspired by the woman he is in love with (yup I’m a shipper, your argument is invalid). So I tried to read it as such, which proved to be difficult. Whenever I heard his voice (or that of Nathan) as the narrator’s voice, I was fine. I could happily picture him typing away and having a ball at writing page 105 (well, d’uh). So I liked the insight it gives into him and how he perceives Kate Beckett (mystery maybe, but you have her figured out more than you give yourself credit for, Rick). I give it a thumbs up.

Now. All that meta out of the way, the story itself, without KB and RC attached to it, was okay. I’m not one to read crime, I get bored and lose interest. I don’t even watch the show for the crime factor. I’m always interested in characters. And I have to say, don’t like Nikki Heat. I really like Beckett (though I want to slap some sense into her sometimes) but Heat… nah. Too bitchy, trying too hard. But that is okay, she can develop. Anyway. Confusing myself here. The plot was good, it is an easy read and I was done in 24 hours.

You like crime? Or Castle you can go for it.

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