>Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman

>Death of a SalesmanDeath of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think it is one of the best plays I ever read.

But it is also one of the most terrible in the sense that it is a nightmare. I felt trapped while reading it. The characters desperate hopes, their self-denial and their lack of communication with each other…it really got under my skin.

It truly still reflects the pressure of society put on the individual to be better and brighter and richer and more beautiful and whatever else than one actually is. And the result of that pressure.


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One thought on “>Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman

  1. >Ah, ich hab grad erst "The Crucible" gelesen… musste da nen Aufsatz drüber schreiben *sfz* Wenn dich solche Themen interessieren, dann ist "Huis Clos"/ "In geschlossener Gesellschaft" von Sartre vielleicht auch was für dich. Das ist auch echt nicht schlecht… und ich hatte am Ende auch dieses "Drogentriprunterkommgefühl" ;P Jaaaaaaah, der Hobbit, der Hobbiiiiiiiiit 😀 😀 Freude!


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