>Inspire me: Dennis Hopper


Welcome to the next installment of my sources of inspiration. This time, logically, it is Dennis Hopper. (He and Viggo Mortensen, whom I have previously identified as my prime source of inspiration, were very close friends. Therefore: logical. *g*).

I have been on the hunt for photography books of his, but they are extremely expensive and rare. I happened to stumble over this volume in a local bookstore. Still expensive, but I just couldn’t resist. So I bought it for myself as an early birthday present (I am very good with justifying spontaneous shopping sprees).

I love it. It is HUGE and HEAVY. I logged it through the city to my car and at home unwrapped it and tried to find a comfortable position for reading it, but I failed in the latter. I placed my old and worn pen on the book to give you an idea of the dimensions.

The photographs displayed are mesmerizing. They capture not just the spirit and feeling of the 60s but also give a glimpse into Hopper’s life. I have to admit, I have underestimated him and I dare assume, I am not the only one.

That man was an artist per excellence. The way he captured fleeting moments, geography, structure and people is truly inspiring. (But then again, he shot film. Film is better in capturing mood and time than digital. Film has soul as have his photographs. These are just my 2 cents worth on the film vs digital issue.)

I shall continue my hunt for more of his work and I can only recommend looking into it, if you are interested in art, photography and maybe even the good old era of Hollywood.


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