>Resolutions 2011


  • Start my own business
    • Promote promote promote
    • Don’t sell yourself too cheap.
  • Find a job until you get your business up and running (Brotjob)
    • Go horseback riding regularly
    • Yoga
    • One course (Weiterbildung)
    • Move out
  • Never give up, never surrender
  • 365 self-portraits (to start finding a new way of looking)
  • gain some more weight and keep it
  • structure your weeks
    • big rocks
    • most important tasks
    • one day/ week to do one assigned thing (e.g. one blog day)
  • do your projects
  • one exhibition
  • save money monthl
  • get that tattoo
  • embrace your wild and unconventional side and have fun with it
  • don’t be so harsh on other people, they are trapped inside themselves just as you are

What are yours? 


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