>Look back on 2010 (part 1?)


2010 Resolutions and those I did do, crossed out:

1. accept gloomy thoughts and anxiety as a part of myself and not judge or fear them (still a learning curve but I’m very good already)
2. allow yourself to do Yoga/Eutonie/Meditation every day (15 minutes are enough)
3. allow yourself to enjoy eating enough to stop being hungry (especially while still seated at the table)
4. allow yourself to go outside once a day (horsebackriding, walking, photo tours, Yoga lessons etc)
5. enjoy doing your art and appreciate it
6. treat yourself at least once a month (theater, cinema, meeting friends,…)
7. start earning money (-> advertise your services, go job hunting etc)
8. participate in a Yoga course
9. stick to the big rocks/most important tasks idea
10. do the 1 photo/day thingy

I’d say, this is not too bad. I am heading into a good direction, into one that excites me and that makes me stronger. So I’ve decided to be content.

I started thinking about the achievements of this year and Winterzwiebel pointed her readers in direction of a Nanowrimo forum tackling big scary goals  and I thought, why not combine the resolutions with the group pressure?

I’ll keep you posted and link me your resolutions, okay? Because we can do them!


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