>Why I love shooting with film.

>I really love shooting digital. I love the opportunities and how I can access the image on the spot. I love the clearness and that it basically doesn’t cost any money once you have a card. No need for film, no need to have it developed, no surprises such as this in which the people responsible cut the negative wrong and the pictures came out as this:

But this is exactly why I love it. You know what I love to do? Use expired 35 mm film in the leaky old SLR of my dad. Because if I point it at just the right angle, light comes in and beautiful and surprising things like this happen:

I think the image would only be half as interesting had the light not leaked in and colored half of it red.

Now, portraits. Again, I’m in love with shots like those I recently took of Manu. But some of my most favorite shots are of my mom, done with a black and white film on said old camera:

At the time I had no idea what I would be getting. I still wasn’t too sure about how exposure and shutter and iso and all of it worked together. But the fun part is the not quite knowing what’ll come out. That’s one of the reasons I love the Diana. Also, when I shoot film, I look. I mean, I really look at the people and at the moments. I find myself using the Canon, keep ending up with 500 photos and only one third of it are really intriguing (if I’m lucky). With film, every shot matters. Especially with medium format film. So, I slow down, wait, and then capture the perfect moment.

I am currently shooting daily with said old slr and an expired film for the 365 photos challenge. If none of the photos will turn out to be only remotely viewable, I’m screwed. I’ll lack a couple of photos. But it’s worth it.


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