>new photos and another book read

>The day before yesterday evening I went to my friend Mattis’ rehearsal. He is directing his first little at the Schnawwl theater (he is doing a course) and he asked me to come by and have a look. So I did and he really impressed me. It was also great to be backstage at the Schnawwl theater again, have old fond memories resurface and meet some of the people.

Yesterday, however, was like this, due to constant raining:

So I got a lot of reading done and I finished John Barrowman’s biography (part 1).

Anything Goes: The Autobiography Anything Goes: The Autobiography by John Barrowman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
1. He is my hero and I now love him even more.
2. We need to celebrate Christmas just like he seems to do.
3. I cannot get the image of him hanging rather flexible from a tree out of my head…
4. I need to work in theater. I really really really need to.

-> I loved it and I didn’t mind that he jumped from one event or time to the other. Maybe I work like that too. I’d find a chronological approach rather dull. *thumbs up*

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