>Really really short fictional piece of writing.

>I could not sleep the whole night (I was troubled still by Rose and the Doctor and was still a bit hyper from being out for a drink) and so I wrote something. It is really small and random (not Who related). But I thought I’d share.


The sound of breathing wakes me in the middle of the night. It’s here. Loud. Clearly audible. But there can’t be anybody in the apartment. I panic. I lie still and do not move. There it is. In. Out. It’s not in the room, I realise, it’s outside. I listen. With the almost regular coming and going of sound is a faint rattling. I relax. I remember. The snowstorm. The rattling is caused by millions of ice crystals. The breathing is the wind. I smile. They said it would come. What they did not say was, what it would look like. That it is as tall as a church tower, has long arms and legs. Spindly yet clearly muscular. And that his eyes are huge and brilliant. They didn’t say that it is hungry and alone. As I stare out between my curtains, it stares back at me with those wide, shining, impossible eyes full of knowledge, except the one it is desperately seeking. I cry but not out of fear. Out of sympathy. Because Daisy (that is how they called the storm, a name not fitting because this creature deserves the name of a king) traveled the world in search for its kind. The creature stands, the flakes race in their search for the other. I close the blinds and go back to bed shivering. I listen to the breathing and after a while it ebbs away. I was alone again.


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