>because one post is obviously not enough per day


So… Nanowrimo. I have not forgotten it. Chris Baty wrote the cute little email peptalk thingy and since I stare at my document every day wíthout continuing, I thought I might as well go here and this is what I wrote:

Alright… rewriting… there is just one tiny, I mean really almost non-existing problem….rewriting is only for novels which are sort of… written, right? I mean… I don’t want to be nitpicking or anything but… after 50 k, I am not at the end… I am slowly and carefully approaching the climax. O rather I am avoiding approaching it by introducing new characters into the plot and then going shopping and baking Christmas cookies and so forth.

So. What I have is this:

– A beginning.
– A second beginning (because the original story of a city named Orville and humanity being basically not existing anymore and nasty stuff, turned after an attack of frogs-who-once-were-vampires and who were chased by toads-who-once-were-witches into this fantasy novel thingy).
– an interesting female protagonist who met another interesting female aid
– humor, witches and vampires (not sparkling)
– an idea, if very vague, of something bad going to happen to the world and history repeating itself

What I need:

– someone to take away all distractions
– a concrete idea of the climax/catastrophe
– some more words
– not to listen to my excuses not to write
– a new title

My goal:

– Have the thing written by February, which should be manageable because I wrote 50 k in one month so I can write the rest in two… right?
– keep my blog (http://jennifer-renner.blogspot.com/) updated on my progress and tell people about it (same principal that works for my new year resolutions should work for this as well…should…), so that they can tell me to stop procrastinating and start writing
– then rewrite it (or finish last years Thing)


So I will keep this blog updated with Nanowrimo. I will. And not just post photos or drawings. Writing is important too.


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