>Book review

>Gods Behaving Badly: A Novel Gods Behaving Badly: A Novel by Marie Phillips

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
I’m giving this two stars not because it was that bad but because I think you could have made more out of the idea. The first two thirds I thought were like: meh. I felt it took too long to get the action going. Once the action had started (I felt it was structured like this: exposition-climax-hint of an end. Where the exposition was like 70%, then there was 25% climax, and the end were the last 5%), it was entertaining and enjoyable. I have to admit I started it in unfortunate circumstances, while my life situation was a bit uncomfortable and so maybe I wasn’t in a were favorable mood, but still I think, it lacked some things. Maybe more sarcasm or more wit or more finesse. I don’t know.Yet it is a nice read.

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