All mine!! Alles meins!

3 thoughts on “>Hasselblad

  1. >It's beautiful! I had one when I was too young to understand what a treasure it was and I sold it 😦 You just can't do what Ansel Adams did with 35mm… Is that an original Carl Zeiss lens? Nice glass if it is! Are the optics still in proper shape? I have an original Leitz microscope and the lenses all have some wicked spherical aberration but I wouldn't trade it for anything! Have fun!!


  2. >@Sam: Die is hübsch gell? Und genauso alt wie ich! *freu* ich bin auch gespannt, brauch erst nen EV-Belichtungsmesser. (ich weiß noch nicht mal ob ich auf Kommenate antworten kann…)@Dr.Bill Irwin: Thanks. It is an original lense, it looks indeed great and seems to be working. I have another Zeiss lense on my Zeiss Contarex, which sadly doesn't fit the 'Blad, but so what. Zeiss is awesome.


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