>Nanowrimo Day 7

>I have lost my sanity. The first week, the first 15000 words: serious, well thought through, gripping, innovative, a clear goal in sight.

Today: Blergh. I was sucked into the Forum and especially the Nanoisms thread. I gave up. And wrote this (partly to blame oneword.com because yesterday it was ‘frog’. I’m just glad I did not play with today’s ‘oven’…yet):

What they did not know was, while the man with the power was preparing his Plan B and the woman with the baseball bat was gathering her strength to suceed in any future jobs the man underground would give her and Richard was beating himself on the head for wanting to sleep some more with the older woman (whose baseball bat he still had not found) and Ian Gordon was correctly assuming that one of his bodyguards was in on a conspiracy to kill him, news of a recent bloody and cold-hearted killing reached the outer regions of the city were one of the last families of frogs fought for the survival of their race. Little did the humans know about the cunning and viciousness of the frogs. They were ready to avenge their youngest lost son. They had nothing to lose because no matter how many egs they laid, the humans laid more (frogs of course do not know how humans propagate so they can only go with what they know) and thus the frogs gathered around their wise and old frog-mother who told them the tactics. They were out for blood. Nothing could stop them…except maybe a few boots but frog-moher had a wise advise for solving that problem: go by night when there are less people out there. The frogs nodded and waited patiently.

Da war sie hin die Ernsthaftigkeit und die gute Absicht einen echten und wirklich ernstgemeinten und distopischen Roman zu schreiben. Jetzt attackieren Frösche. Ich könnte das sogar rechtfertigen, aber will ich das?


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